Find the answers to questions that you want to know about your self-drive offroad adventure with Aloe 4×4 Car Hire.

General Queries

Can we get the vehicle from the airport and how far is your office from the airport?

Aloe car hire will fetch you, free of charge, from the airport and bring you to the office in Windhoek. It takes about 45 minutes.

Can I depart from Windhoek the first day of my arrival?

I you depart after 12 PM we do prefer that you rather stay in Windhoek for the first night. It takes about 1 hour to get out of the airport building, then another 1 hour drive to Windhoek and approximately 2 hours to do the car handover and paperwork. If you need to buy food you can add another hour.

Meaning at this stage it will be nearly dark already and you are not allowed to drive in the dark from Windhoek to another city (COVID-19 regulations).

Does Aloe 4x4 Car Hire charge cross border fees and contract fees?

NO, we do not charge the above fees. Clients who want to cross the borders need to inform Aloe car hire in order to receive a cross border letter, which without you will not be able to cross any border of Namibia.

Do I need to have an international driving licence?

We require that you have an international driving licence, but if your foreign driving licence is in English is it perfect to use in Namibia.


What is included in the camping equipped vehicle?

There is a camping equipment checklist which you will find on our website, which states exactly what is included in your price.

When requesting a car with 1 or 2 roof top tents, we also supply you with sleeping bags, sheets for the tent mattresses and pillows.

The roof top tents have fixed mosquito nets attached on the inside of the tents.

What should I pack if I plan on camping in Namibia?

Please see our Camping checklist for everything that you might need on your camping trip.

Our vehicles & equipment

How far car I drive with the fuel tank and what will the diesel usage be?

The vehicles come out with a single fuel tank which is 65 liters,  you can drive approximately 600km on this tank.

Some vehicles are equipped with double tanks, on special requests, they then have 120 liters with which you can drive approximately 1200km with.

The consumption is about 8-10 KM per liter.

How many spare tyres does the vehicle have?

The vehicle comes with 2 spare tyres, this way clients do not have to purchase very expensive tyres or struggle to find tyres outside towns.

Only spare tyres need to be replaced, slow punctures can be fixed at nearly every lodge/campsite.

How many kilometres can I drive per day?

Clients need to understand when planning their trip that it is better not to drive more than 500 KM per day, this is a far distance and tiring.

How many people can travel in one vehicle?

All our vehicles are double cabs, which means a total of 5 people can drive in one vehicle. Two in front and  maximum of three in the backseat.

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