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Follow these guidelines to have a save and enjoyable journey when driving through Namibia with your Aloe 4×4 Car Hire rental vehicle.

  • Please check your vehicles tyre pressure every day, the normal pressure should be 2.0 bar. Please also check for cuts in the wheel’s side walls.
  • Drive on the left side of the road. The driver should always be closest to the middle of the road.
  • Keep your lights on at all times. This helps other vehicles to see you clearly on the road especially when there is a lot of dust.
  • Always drive closest to the middle of the road instead of the shoulder of the road.
  • In traffic circles/roundabouts, vehicles from your right have the right of way.
  • When crossing a road as a pedestrian check the traffic on your right.
  • Park in well-lit or guarded areas at night. Support identified car guards who, for a small reward, will keep an eye on your vehicle.
  • Never leave any valuables in your vehicle, in plain sight.
  • Never pick up strangers or hitchhikers.
  • Make sure you do not run out of fuel and driving water. Refuel when you can, please note that cash is required for fuel and credit cards are not generally accepted (many feel stations have ATMs, but do not rely on this).
  • Plan your itinerary so there is no need to rush. Driving on gravel roads can be unpredictable and the major cause of accidents is excessive speed. Do not exceed 60-70 km/h on gravel roads!
  • Do not drive at night (nor dawn or dusk), because there is a real danger of stray and wild animals crossing the road. Arriving at Sesriem for sunrise is an exception, but please drive slowly and with great caution.
  • In the case of a tyre bursting, do not hit the breaks, just take your foot of the accelerator and keep the vehicle in a straight line till it stops, then change the tyre.
  • There is a veterinary line that divides Namibia in to north and south sections. The north has animals that are contained in farms and more diseases are present here. You may not travel north to south across the line with any meat or diary products. This line can be found on the following roads: C43 Palmwag, C35 north of Hobatere, All exits of Etosha National Park and B8 between Grootofntein and Rundu.
  • Inside Etosha National Park, do not hang out of the window of the vehicle. Do not climb out of the vehicle inside the park.
  • The speed limit in Etosha National Park is 4o km/h.


Areas where technical backup cannot be guaranteed within 24 ours (due to terrain conditions).

  • Namibia – Dune driving – Namib Desert, Luderitz – Walvis Bay and Skeleton Coast is strictly not allowed. Driving the Van Zyl’s Pass or Namib Naukluft 4×4 Trail is strictly prohibited.
  • Botswana – All cost or expenses incurring due to negligent driving of the vehicle or excessive wear and tear as well as reckless driving will be on the renters account. Al tow in costs will be on the renters account. Botswana National Parks and surrounding areas (Chobe NP, Moremi NP, Central Kalahari NP, Kgaligadi NP, Nxai Pan NP, Madgadikdagi NP, Khutse GR, etc) will be entered on complete own responsibility.
  • Zambia – Drive at own responsibility. Backup including any damages will be on the renters account.
  • Zimbabwe – Drive at own responsibility. Backup including any damages will be on the renters account.
  • Malawi – Drive at own responsibility. Backup including any damages will be on the renters account.


When going over country borders.

You will first have to go through the immigration of the the country you are currently in, then goo through the immigration of the country that you are entering. In both cases you will need to show the vehicle paperwork that Aloe 4×4 Car Hire will provide.

  • Botswana – To enter Botswana you will have to inform immigration who the driver is and give the vehicle information as on the documents provided by Aloe 4×4 Car Hire. You will also need to pay the road tax. This can be paid in Pula or preferably South African Rands. Make sure to ask for the Gate Pass to cross the border.
  • Zimbabwe – To enter Zimbabwe from Botswana: Go to the left side of the building to complete the paperwork for the vehicle. Then move to the right side of the building to do your visa. On average this process will take two hours, but may take longer during high season. All payments have to be made in USD.



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